What is it?

A mineral oil-based lubricant/light solvent mixture used for cleaning rotary parts of embroidery machines.
Where is it used?
Hook Wash was created to use in the rotary hook area for quick clean and flush when
replacing reciprocators, needle cases, bobbin cases and tensioner assemblies. It is also safe on plastic, electronics and bushings.
When is it used?
Hook Wash should be used weekly as a rotary hook flush and clean. Use as needed when performing tune-ups on equipment.  
Why is it used?
The goal of using Hook Wash is to enhance the performance of the embroidery process by reducing thread breakage and bird nesting. This is done by removing dirt, lint, dust, solvy, spray adhesive and other debris that can build up and cause a machine to be less efficient. Also, Hook Wash will displace water and leave a protective film of light lubricant on the parts.   


Fixyourstitch is proud to bring this item to the forefront of the technician field and make it available to the public. Hook Wash has been field-tested for six years.  It's the only product of its kind to be made specifically for embroidery machines. Remember, it's safe on electronics and plastics too.